Fromm Bros. Historical Preservation Society

To instruct and educate the public about the history of the Fromm Bros., Inc. of Hamburg, Wisconsin, and the Fromm family, in a way that will benefit, not only the local community, but other areas in North Central Wisconsin, including Marathon and Lincoln Counties. To assist in the effort to preserve and restore buildings, artifacts and items of historical significance associated with Fromm Bros., Inc. and the Fromm family, so as to create a place of historical interest for the public to visit. To create and maintain a museum dedicated to the preservation of the Fromm Brothers’ and Fromm Family legacy and history, along with the education of the public about the same.


Click here to learn more about scheduling a Fromm Farm Tour. Tours are by appointment ONLY! This is a rustic, rural property with uneven ground. Our tour is a walking tour up to 1.5 miles and is NOT HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE. Please consider these restrictions when signing up for a tour.


Fromm Farm hosts many events both public and private engagements. Please review our Events calendar to see the wonderful activities on our schedule.


Discover the rich, rustic, and facinating history of the Fromm Bros. Family and their historic Farm nestled in beautiful Central Wisconsin

Nestled in Beautiful Central Wisconsin

How to find us: Located about 20 miles northwest of Wausau in Hamburg, Wisconsin. Any time of the year take a unique road trip to the Fromm Farm.
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A Great American Success Story

Bright with Silver describes the rise of the United States ginseng and fox farming industries through the story of the Fromm brothers. The Fromms began their lives at the turn of the century as impoverished farmers and rapidly grew into the world’s largest ginseng and fox farmers, making tremendous discoveries along the way, including the canine distemper vaccine. The book chronicles their business successes through the 1950s.

Written by: Kathrene Pinkerton
Available at: Janke Book Store

Fromm Farm featured in Wisconsin’s Own

Wisconsin’s Own: Twenty Remarkable Homes tells the story of the considerable contribution Wisconsin’s historic homes have made to American residential architecture. It also answers questions you’ve likely asked when you’ve seen a notable historic home.

Published by: Wisconsin Historical Society Press

Meet Our Directors

The volunteers working to keep this part of Wisconsin History alive.

Gregory Strasser


Greg is a founding board member of the FBHPS. He grew up in Marathon County and graduated from the University of Wisconsin ...

Fred Lundin


Fred Lundin met many people involved with the Fromm business ventures and developed a basic knowledge of the family history....

News & Announcements

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Wausau EGL Academy

On Tuesday, November 21, the Wausau EGL Academy visited and toured the Fromm Farm. Even though it was a very chilly day, this last tour of the season was a success. Thank you, Michael Krohn, Read more…

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