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Fromm History - EmployeesFromm History - FoxesFromm History - Working the Ginseng BedsFromm History - Fox PupsFromm History - Buyer's Facing Auction DeskFromm History - Ginseng CropFromm History - New York Fur BuyersFromm History - Playing with FoxesFromm History - Crushing GinsengFromm History - Female EmployeesFromm History - Releasing FoxesFromm History - BarnFromm History - Feeding FoxesFromm History - Trucks ArrivingFromm History - Women & FoxesFromm History - Sold Fox PeltsFromm History - Bright with SilverFromm History - ModelFromm History - Fur AdFromm History - Professional ModelsFromm History - Female BuyerFromm History - Pelts in front of ClubhouseFromm History - Working PeltsFromm History - Bundled PeltsFromm History - Buyer's with PeltsFromm History - Clubhouse
Fromm Employees, November of 1940
Skulk of Fromm Foxes
Working in the Ginseng arbor.
John and Henry with pups caught by Walter in padded trap, May 1910
Buyer’s facing auction desk.
Ginseng Crop Yield
New York Fur Buyers
Playing with Foxes
Crushing Ginseng
Fromm Female Employees from 1940
Releasing Fox Pups
Fromm Warehouse
Feeding the Foxes
Trucks arriving from Cedarburg & Theinsville, Wisconsin
Women & Foxes
Sold Pelts
Fromm’s – Bright with Silver
Fromm Fur Model
Harper’s Bazaar – Fromm Fur Ad
Professional Fur Models
Female Buyer
Holding Pelts in front of Fromm Clubhouse
Working Pelts
Bundled Pelts
Buyer’s with Pelts
Fromm Clubhouse

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Photos provided by Marathon County Historical Society and Sara Goetsch.

FBHPS Collection. 2017. Electronic. Marathon County Historical Society. Wausau, WI.